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Pamper Me

Pamper Me

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Pamper yourself with the Be My Pamper/ Skin care Routine kit, perfect for removing your makeup and soothing your skin. This kit includes a headband, wristbands, and a wipe away puff that can remove your entire makeup in just one go.

  • The kit comes with a headband and wristbands for easy use.
  • The wipe away puff is perfect for removing all of your makeup quickly.
  • The skincare benefits of this product include soothing properties that are great for sensitive skin.

This multi-pack product is from the UK and has a net weight of 10g. The facial cleansing tools included in this pack are perfect to add to any skincare routine. You'll receive 4 pieces per pack, ensuring you always have one on hand when you need it.

  • Quantity per Pack: 4
  • Pack Type: Multi-pack
  • Skin Care Tool Type: Facial Cleansing Tools
  • Skin Care Benefits: Soothing properties & Removes make-up
  • Shelf Life :24 Months

Add the Be My Pamper/ Skin care Routine kit to your routine today!

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