PrettyThickLash was created by a young mother Priscilla, her mission was to make change and spread awareness about mink lashes, just like her self she did not know the difference, she to used the mink lashes but after conversations with a few people she knew she decided to change to synthetic as it was bad for the animals and the environment, but than realised so many other people are using mink lashes still and that's when prettythicklash came to life, she wanted to spread awareness and wanted people to feel good about the change and what the results could be, we often don't question the things we buy, why is that? You may say 'we don't have time' or 'no one speaks about it' well she wishes to change that and one day we will make change in the beauty industry, she believes we can spread awareness and change from mink to synthetic, we want to urge people to research and share amongst our friends, family we need to start some where why not start by purchasing a pair and using the hashtags #crueltyfreelashes #prettythicklash, we need to start questioning what is in your day to day beauty products, do you ever wonder what it's made from?

So now we know to research and to avoid mink eyelashes but are there vegan faux-fur, and completely cruelty free options available? You bet!

We have luxury comfortable, fluffy, quality synthetic gorgeous lashes! You wont wanna turn back once you try out our lashes. All lashes are designed for every eye shape and makeup style you desire we want all women to feel confident, looking feeling like a million pounds we also want you to feel like you made a change in the world we live in today.