Application Form For Ambassador

Brand Ambassador Application


  • Must be following @prettythicklash_official 
  • Instagram account must be public 
  • Must have a following of 1k
  • Must post a picture/video of yourself using one of our products, to your Instagram throughout your ambassadorship.
  • Must shout out @prettythicklash_official once a month 
  • Ambassadorship are not permanent 
  • 20% off first purchase as an ambassador
  • A unique code (15% off) to share with your followers, friends and family
  • Eligible for free items after your code has been used twice 
  • Eligible to receive early access to new releases (PR package) after your code has been used 5 times.
Ambassadors are required to promote us on Instagram, but are welcome to promote on other social platforms as well. Which other social platforms do you use?

 - TikTok

- YouTube

- Twitter


 Let us know below.

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